Mystical Magic Shows

Judy Tudy's performances can be created to meet your child’s birthday party theme or special event here’s a list of her programs:


This show tells a story of a friendly rabbit, "Cozmo", who lives in the "Magical Woods of Happiness". We meet Joker, a comical fun loving character who makes mistakes. Poor Tracy Traffic light is not working properly by his blunder. Safety is #1. The story is not only fun but educational as it reinforces the importance of friendship, sharing and self-esteem. Children of all ages will truly be amazed!

In this presentation, the children meet GIZMO the rabbit who travels on a rainbow to the world of Wallykazoo. During this visit, the circus comes to town celebrating your child’s birthday or special event. Magic is happening everywhere! In this show the audience learn about our the American flag and how special each of are.

This prestentation has Judy Tudy the clown meeting up close and personal her friends from the circus. Although we may think the ‘Strong Man’ is somewhat intimidating by his super strength, deep down inside he is a tender man who is still afraid of the dark. This magic show teaches children that just because someone ‘looks’ or ‘acts’ a certain way, it doesn’t mean they are. Children will learn to take time and examine how people are inside rather than judging them by what they look like on the outside. Children will leave feeling better about how special they are as individuals.


"We had a carnival based party for our daughter complete with games, popcorn and cotton candy but the crowning jewel of the event was JUDY TUDY! The kids were all having a great time but when Judy arrived the fun REALLY kicked in. Judy's story telling had parents as well as kids smiling and laughing along with the fun. The kids really liked the magic too and Judy made many of them part of the show. No child's party is complete without fun, excitement and smiles and that is what Judy is all about!"

-Dave and Fal K.