Toddler Program

This reinforces relationship of family, and the importance of a "Mommy". Next, the children have the opportunity to pet a LIVE bunny rabbit! Since this might be a child's first experience with a clown, Judy Tudy goes to great lengths to make this a loving and welcoming experience.
This program is developed for the very young child on the go and their short attention span. Judy Tudy begins by introducing herself as a "Mommy" clown and showing her clown family with photos.
The program is jam-packed with body movement to silly songs like "Five Little Monkeys", bean-bag toss and baffling balloon sculpting! This program has been created for children from 18 months to 3 year olds; however it works great for ages 6 and under.

"Judy Tudy is a wonderful choice for any party. She is calm and sweet and has a terrific ability to "WOW" the children. I was amazed when she had 20+ 3 year old kids sitting quietly for over 30 minutes while she talked about her wonderful clown family, sang songs and while they met the bunny. I have hired her multiple times for different age groups and she has never disappointed! I highly recommend using Judy Tudy or any of her family for your next event, I know I will!

-Danielle W., Pottstown PA