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Mystical Magic Shows

Cozmo's Special Day

Cozmo is an adventurous rabbit who meets friends & discovers how important safety, friendships & sharing are.  We meet Joker, a comical character who makes everyone laugh from his silly mistakes! The show is filled with magic that will keep the audience mesmerized. 

Gizmo's Adventure

Meet GIZMO who travels to Wallykazoo. The circus comes to town & he visits stores that are mystical & magical, even a store that sells blankets for snakes. This show is educational and keeps the audience on the edge of their seat!


Judy Tudy is the friendliest clown around. She is entertaining, funny, sweet, and magical! She is so loving to the children and they look forward to her visits. Not only does she do clowning around entertainment, she does magic show, readings, art, balloon making, and more. She will not disappoint!

We love our Judy Tudy


Director, Kiddie Academy

Judy Tudy had the kids mesmerized! We had a group of 5-8 YO and didn’t hear a peep out of them for the whole show! I didn’t think that was possible! 🙂 They loved every minute of her show and everyone was trying to do magic after she left. The balloon animals at the end made every kid happy. Highly recommend her for your next kids birthday!!!

Rita F.